Team North
Remote Area Veterinary Services
     The concept for the Remote Area Veterinary Services project was conceived by former Lt.-Gov. Dr. Lynda Haverstock in conjunction with Dr. Lesley Sheppard.  Drs. Haverstock and Sheppard wanted an effective and humane way to address the problem of uncontrolled dog populations in remote northern Saskatchewan communities.  Since the spring of 2004, four trips have been made by "Team North" to hold one and two day spay/neuter/vaccination clinics in Stanley Mission, Ile-la-Crosse, and La Loche.  The four trips resulted in over 300 animals receiving examinations, vaccinations, and deworming, while 240 were spayed or neutered.  In addition, dozens of high school students from the local commmunities became involved in visiting the clinics or lending a hand.
     Support for the clinics that have been held to date has come from a variety of sources including the Animal Clinic of Regina, the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, the Regina Academy of Small Animal Practitioners, and several private donors.
     For more information on Remote Area Veterinary Services and "Team North," contact Dr. Lesley Sheppard at the Animal Clinic of Regina (525-5244).

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 Drs. Karen Harasen &                 Dr. Kathy Linn (Western College
 Lesley Sheppard in                      of Veterinary Medicine) &
     Ile-la-Crosse                           student surgeon in La Loche
     (fall 2005)                               (spring 2006)

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  Remote Area Veterinary Services-La Loche (spring 2006)     


Animal Clinic of Regina
1800 Garnet Street
Regina, SK S4T 2Z2



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